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We take corporate social responsibility seriously. All our employees receive benefits and wages in accordance with applicable laws, standards, and local and national government regulations. We support child labour laws, fair treatment and anti-discrimination policies. No employee is harassed and can take comfort breaks without penalty. Our workplaces are monitored for occupational health and safety. Each site has an emergency preparedness plan to ensure we comply with applicable laws and regulations such is the importance of corporate social responsibility that we attach to our business; but it exists primarily for the benefit of our workforce. The social responsibility of business manifests itself through the attitude and commitment of the workers. A positive attitude and commitment stems from how the workforce is treated.

Social responsibility is not a label of an organization, it is within the spirit of Owners of the business; it is in the hearts of the management; it is not to disadvantage any employee; it is to treat all employees as valuable contributors to the factory’s success, and with respect to human rights and well being. So what is social responsibility? What is social responsibility in our business? It is being grateful to our employees for the work they do for us. To reward employees with more than salary. To communicate with the workforce. To understand their aspirations. To offer them training and development. To treat them as equals. To give them a clean, comfortable and warm environment to work in. Those are examples of corporate social responsibility in business that we believe in and practice.

Without a contented workforce all aspects of the production process are affected. We believe we can always ask extra of our work team when, for example, production deadlines have to be met. They happily respond because of the extra effort our factory makes towards giving them self esteem and dignity. We don’t label this corporate social responsibility, but just an attitude where everybody wins, the factory, the customer, and the employees. Many factories in China are forced to sign agreements with their customers regarding corporate social responsibility. We can of course do the same. Our message however is that we do not need lectures in the social responsibilities of business. Visit us and see with your own eyes a happy workforce, a contented workforce, and a respected workforce. Our responsibility is not a piece of paper, it is our way of life. Copies of our written Social Responsibility are made available to all potential customers upon request.

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The world is now 60% dependant on China for its manufactured output. Knives are no exception so it is important to select a supplier who can reliably and consistently achieve the quality and reliability expectations of customers.

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